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 Blocked Messages  

What does this blocked message mean???

Q. Someone was trying to send me an important email and they received a message stating that their Email to NCMail was blocked. Does NCMail reject mail from certain domains? Should I contact ITS to unblock it?
A. NCMail uses the services of 6 RBL (Realtime Blackhole List). A blackhole list is a list of email relays that are known for sending spam or relays that are called open relays.

If you should receive a message like this, please read the message carefully and contact the people that are blocking it. The NCMail Team cannot resolve it for you.

Below is a sample message that a user may get it if they are blocked by

Connected to 207.4.219.XXX but sender was rejected. Remote host said: 553 5.3.0 Spam/blacklisted see:

The reason the sender received this message is because the sending email is on a blacklist. Email servers can be blacklisted for many reasons. The following are two common reasons.

Relay has been reported for sending Spam repeatedly and was pushed over the threshold causing Spamcop to add them to their blacklist.


Sender is sending from an open mail relay. (What is an open mail relay? An open mail relay occurs when a mail server processes a mail message where neither the sender nor the recipient is a local user. In this example, both the sender and the recipient are outside the local domain (or rather, the local IP range, for the techically inclined). The mail server is an entirely unrelated third party to this transaction. The message really has no business passing through this server.)

Blackhole Lists that we use are:

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